The 3-in-1 baby bath tub from Aqua Scale has been updated! Complete with patented, innovative technology this new and improved design includes a refreshed design and interface, helping parents monitor their child’s development as well as providing peace of mind at bath time!


The unique shape of the tub and anti-slip insert safely holds babies for up to 2 years old (or until they can sit up unassisted). Set the scales to either lbs or oz and simply place baby into the tub for a precise weight reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.


Aqua Scale has a built-in thermometer gauge that reads the bath water temperature and accurately displays the results on the digital LCD screen – making sure the water is a safe temperature before bath time even begins.






  • 3-in-1 digital baby bath
  • Patented technology
  • Weighs baby in the tub – with or without water!
  • Innovative software – calculates baby’s precise weight
  • Larger LCD display screen including new backlit screen
  • Set the scale to pounds (lbs) or ounces (oz)
  • Provides a fast and accurate reading
  • Built-in thermometer provides bath water temperature
  • Updated design, shape and interface
  • Suitable to use from birth up to 2 years old (or can sit up unassisted)
  • Larger bath bottle holder - fits most styles
  • Larger plughole for quicker drainage
  • New Aqua Scale stand (coming soon). Please note: the old stand will not fit the new version


Product Specifications


  • Weight 1.56kg
  • L 80cm x W 49cm x H 25cm
  • Suitable from birth to approx. 2 years old - 12kg (or until child can sit up unassisted)


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