Oblumi tapp Family Health Tracking Device

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The Tapp by Oblumi calculates medicine dosage, stores a patient’s profile and data and takes an accurate temperature. The reliable Tapp by Oblumi.

The access anywhere, medication and temperature tracker that send alerts, recommends dosage, logs and reports information across multiusers, in one portal.

The Tapp by Oblumi stores data about medication and temperature in a personalised patient profile using the designated app, that can be shared and accessed through a portal that centralises the information. The amazing thing is you can access this information at anywhere and at any time allowing you to track the medication your child has received and monitor their temperature, even if they are with a childminder.

Multiple profiles can be created at one time making the Tapp by Oblumi, perfect for all the family, including newborn babies.

The Tapp automatically calculates the medicine dosage and alerts you if your child has a fever.

The reminder and notification service allows you to schedule alarms for your child’s next dose or even send a reminder to selected contacts, meaning that you or your childminder will not forget to administer your child’s medication. The Tapp by Oblumi automatically stores and saves this information once it has been entered and it can be accessed anywhere.

The Tapp by Oblumi takes an accurate temperature measurement using an infrared sensor that attaches to your smart phone. The sensor is placed on the head or in the ear to calculate an accurate temperature within seconds making it fuss free and easy to use, while at the same time the results are logged and medication dosage is recommended.

Not only is the Tapp by Oblumi an impressive thermometer but it is a practical and functional piece of tech offering parents, caregivers and medical professionals, a platform for storing and sharing information about a child’s temperature and medication, that is accessible on a smart phone.

The sensor is compact and is only half the size of a lipstick, fitting into its own travel bag making it convenient and portable and it easily fits into your purse. This compact size makes it easy to carry the Tapp with your smart phone, even in your pocket!

Technical Specifications:

Measurement areas: forehead, ear and liquids.
For use in babys, childrens and adults.
Batteries: 2 x CR1616
Measurement range in human body: 35ºC – 42ºC
Measurement range in liquids: 10ºC – 80ºC
Accuracy in human body: ±0.15ºC
Accuracy in liquids: ±0.5º
CWorking temperature: 10ºC – 35ºC
Battery life: more than 5,000 measurements.
Dimensions: 50 x 24 x 18 mm.
Weight: 22 grams.
Operating systems: iOS 7 or higher, Android 4.2 or higher.

Materials & Care:

High quality plastic approved for skin contact
High quality infrared sensor, with medical accuracy.
RoHS Certified.
CE Marking

Box Contents:


Oblumi tapp
Adaptable lid for forehead use
Cleaning wipes
Travel case
Instructions for use

EAN: 5060233830251


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